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The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers to Keep Your Patio Protected

To ensure the longevity of your coveted patio furniture, you should keep it covered.

backyard with patio furniture covered

So you finally got an excellent set of outdoor furniture. Now that you have it, how do you protect it? For outdoor furniture to be considered "outdoor furniture," it has to be made of weather-resistant materials. Outdoor furniture has to stand up against the sun, rain and wind — but you should also be buying a separate covering to make sure your outdoor furniture can last year after year. Here are the best outdoor furniture covers to buy for every possible scenario.

What to look for in outdoor furniture covers

Outdoor furniture should be made of weather-resistant materials. Otherwise, they're just regular indoor furniture that you happen to place outside. But depending on the climate you live in — like one that gets a lot of rain — your outdoor furniture will be constantly pummeled by the elements, drastically reducing how long your outdoor furniture will last. To ensure the longevity of your coveted patio furniture, you should absolutely be buying a cover for them.


You'll obviously need to buy outdoor furniture covers that can actually fit over your existing outdoor furniture. First, measure all of the pieces you'll want to be covering up, and let that inform what size coverings you'll want to buy. Then, determine whether or not you want to cover each piece on its own or find an extra-large covering to drape over everything at once. It'll be cheaper to buy one super-sized covering than to buy a few smaller ones, too. One tip for using a furniture cover is to put support underneath it to raise up the covering so it doesn't droop or sag in the middle, which will lead to pools of water. And in the summer, that means mold, mildew and mosquitoes.


Two of the most common outdoor furniture coverings are polyester and vinyl. Each will offer protection against the elements, but the best waterproof material will be vinyl. On one hand, while vinyl is the best to keep furniture safe from water, it can trap moisture inside and lead to mildew and mold. Polyester can be waterproof and in some cases, might be more durable than its vinyl counterparts.

When to cover outdoor furniture

Let's start with the most important use case for outdoor furniture: rain. If you know a storm is coming, then you should be covering your patio pieces or bringing them inside if you can. Not only will this protect your furniture from wear, tear and possible mildew, but it will also mean that your furniture is ready to be used post-storm, whereas without a cover you may have to wait a day or two for things to dry. Even a really humid climate can cause similar effects as rain, so you may want to consider covering up more often than just when your weather app tells you to. Additionally, covers can help slow fading on your furniture and keep leaves and pollen off your seating as the seasons change.

How to cover outdoor furniture cushions

Although your best bet is definitely to just store them inside, there are weatherproof covers you can buy to make your outdoor cushions a little more hardy, like these cushion covers from Wayfair. If you're worried about sun damage, you'll want to make sure that you get cushion covers made with material that is UV-resistant, and if you're more concerned about inclement weather, then you'll probably want covers that zip up to enclose the whole cushion versus an option that just stretches around the cushion. But again, the best place for your cushions when your patio furniture is not in use is in your home — or at the very least, under one of the outdoor furniture cover options below.

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