Harness the Benefits of BIOptimizers MassZymes Today

New to digestive enzyme supplements? Get started with BIOptimizers

a person holding a bottle of bioptimizers medicine

MassZymes is a full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement that can help your body absorb more key amino acids and vitamins. As a result, the supplement can help you work towards better digestion and improved gut health, and relieve common frustrations like gas, bloating and post-meal fatigue.

When coupled with a balanced diet, MassZymes can also help increase your natural energy levels as well as help with faster muscle recovery, and even better mental clarity and focus.

Fans can shop the 100 percent plant-based supplement below, and use code ‘GEAR10’ to take 10 percent off their order. Plus, if you opt to ‘Subscribe ‘N Save’ you’ll also be able to take 12 percent off your subscription.

Price: One 30-cap bottle for $22


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