The Vandoit Moov Is the Ford Transit Trail's Ultimate Camper Van Form

The Transit Trail is designed to be a base for custom camper vans. Vandoit lets buyers make the most of it.

a van with a large rack on the back parked in a grassy area

Ford debuted a new Transit Trail van for 2023, a van which was explicitly designed with camper van build-outs in mind. The Transit Trail provides an excellent platform for both professional builders and DIY builds, taking care of the "scary" stuff like the off-road suspension, electric wiring and adding a roof vent fan in-house and under Ford's warranty. It also packs Ford's twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 310 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, giving it more than enough oomph for just about anything.

With a base like that, it's no surprise that vanmakers would jump on it quickly. Missouri-based custom van builder Vandoit recently announced a new Moov model based on the Ford Transit Trail, and it comes with a twist: its modular, customizable layout gives buyers the freedom to build out their ultimate #vanlife adventure vehicle.

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The Moov can be fitted with one of three bed options

Vandoit is offering the Moov with three different bed options that allow for versatile usage of the interior space and gear storage. A new drawbridge bed setup with two platforms on gas struts lowers down to make a full-size bed. Owners can also opt for a hydraulic bed platform that raises and lowers with a hand crank, or Murphy-style beds that can attach to the side of the vehicle.

inside of a vehicle
The MOOV can be fitted with three bed options, including a new drawbridge platform.

The Moov can be seriously off-road capable

Moov customers can upgrade the Transit Trail with three stages of suspension upgrades. The most capable Stage 3 setup includes Bilstein front struts, Fox 2.0 rear shocks, Black Rhino wheels and BF Goodrich KO2 tires — our choice for best all-terrain tires.

a camper van with its headlights on
Three stages of off-road suspension upgrades can make the Moov as off-road capable as you want it to be.

Vandoit is debuting several new features on the Moov

Vandoit solicited customer feedback and collaborated with third parties on new features for the Moov. The Moov can be fitted with an Aluminess Touring roof rack and Baja Designs roof lights. A 22-gallon water system can be paired with an interior shower; slots in the floor send the water through to the grey water tank and serve as tie-down points for gear. Vandoit also added overhead storage compartments and aftermarket slider windows for extra ventilation.

inside of a camper van
The modular layout offers Moov buyers flexibility to build their ultimate adventure vehicle.

How much does the Vandoit Moov cost?

The Ford Transit Trail starts at $65,795. According to New Atlas, VanDoIt estimates a cost of $114,900 to $200,000 depending on how buyers spec their Moov build. VanDoIt is currently accepting Moov orders.

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